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Managed AccountsManaged Accounts


A managed portfolio account allows you to work closely with a professional to evaluate your financial situation and define your goals.  Then we develop an investment plan to help you reach them.


A managed account from FBT Advisors, Inc. offers:

  • Integrated management that takes into account ALL aspects of your financial situation. 
  • Ongoing monitoring of your portfolio 
  • Coordination of key specialties such as insurance, tax and legal advice 
  • A flat rate fee structure which saves you money over transaction based account management


With a managed account you will benefit from professional money management and asset allocation with a comprehensive approach to long term investing.  The result is a diversified portfolio that matches your unique requirements.


Our services include:

  • Investment Advisory Services 
  • Investment Management and Supervisory Services 
  • Personal & Business Consultation Services 
  • Financial Planning Services 
  • Educational Workshops and Seminars


Call or email us today to see if a managed account is right for your financial situation.