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Investment Services

Investment Services

Today you have an ever expanding choice of investments - each with its own merits, risks, geography and education.  Given the large variety of options, finding the right style mix can be intimidating and confusing without the right perspective.


FBT Investments, Inc. offers a full range of investment and financial services including brokerage, money management, insurance and institutional services.



By working with our professional investment advisors you will:

  • Feel confident knowing that you have a dedicated professional managing your portfolio.
  • Receive advice based on facts and independent research. 
  • Benefit from a disciplined approach to help you reach your financial goals.


Our investment advisors can help you reach your personal investing goals or with your business planning needs.  We also offer investment services for institutional clients such as schools, unions, municipalities and other organizations needing guidance or assistance. In addition we make historic and film tax credits available to Louisiana tax payees.


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