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Flat Rate Services

 Flat Rate Services

Managed services were once only available to high net worth individuals and institutional clients.  As technology has evolved and investment choices have become more complex the need has arisen to have a managed approach.


Customized portfolio management allows for a flat rate fee structure based on the size of your account as opposed to the broker strategy which charges on a per transaction basis.  One of the major benefit of a managed account is that the flat fee structure allows your advisor to change investment strategy if needed without incurring expenses for every transaction.


Benefits of Flat Rate Services:

  • Save money over indivudal fee accounts
  • Broader perspective for money management
  • Consistent investment strategy
  • Your advisor has a vested interest in your portfolio


By having all of your investments managed in this fashion your advisor can ensure that your investment strategy is consistent and well-planned.  Our advisors will review your account on a regular basis for performance and make changes as needed to maintain the goals of the account.


Our managed account strategy allows us to be a true advisor and for the client to rest assured that your investments are under careful watch.