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FBT Film & Entertainment


Louisiana's film tax credit

Louisiana’s Film Incentive Experts


Louisiana is a unique place with a beat all its own and FBT Film & Entertainment specializes in bringing film and television productions to Louisiana.  


FBT Film & Entertainment common ownership with First Bank and Trust makes us the only bank affiliated company in Louisiana to handle all of your banking and production needs.


Our experts help film producers optimize their projects for tax incentives.  We can also finance a production, provide a banking relationship or even introduce local sound stages or studios.  Our staff has extensive experience in the entertainment industry and fully understands the process of organizing, financing and working within the Louisiana production process.


These factors make FBT Film & Entertainment the most sought after “production turnkey partner” in Louisiana. 


We also work with Louisiana taxpayers to utilize the tax savings generated by the film incentive programs.  Tax credits generated by the Louisiana film industry are available to consumers or any organization that would like to offset their Louisiana income tax liability.  Contact an advisor today to find out how these tax credits may benefit you.


Reduce your Louisiana state tax bill